Hearts Of Fire 1987 scan0020-5.jpg scan0021-4.jpg

1987 Lorimar - Ian Dury Plays Bones 

Stormy Monday 1988 scan0014-12.jpg scan0015-10.jpg 

1988 Majestic - Davey Payne Plays Band Member 

The Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover 1989 scan0017-8.jpg scan0018-8.jpg 

1989 Universal - Ian Dury PlaysTerry Fitch 

Judge Dredd scan0011-11.jpg scan0012-12.jpg

 1995 Pathe - Ian Dury Plays Geiger 

Punk In England 2005 scan0005-19.jpg scan0006-17.jpg

 2005 Odeon

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